12th Maths – 30 Days – Scoring Worksheet – Day 5


XII Mathematics

30 Days –Scoring Worksheet – Day 5


Part I – 5 Marks

Identify     the
type of conic and find centre, foci, vertices, and directrices

9x2 – y2
– 36x – 6y + 18 = 0

Find the equations of tangent and normal to
the parabola x2 + 6x + 4y + 5 = 0 at (1 , -3 )

A bridge has a parabolic arch that is 10m
high in the centre and 30m wide at the bottom. Find the height of the arch 6m
from the centre, on either sides.        

At a water fountain, water attains a
maximum height of 4m at horizontal distance of 0.50 m from       its origin. If the path of water is a
parabola,        find the          height of water at a horizontal
distance of 0.75 m from the point of origin.

On lighting a rocket cracker it gets
projected in a parabolic path and reaches a maximum height of 4m when it is 6m
away from the point of projection. Finally it reaches the ground 12m away from
the starting point. Find the angle of projection.


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